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Anhui Fishing Net Manufacturers share the selection skills of fishing nets

Article source:本站 popularity:4202 Published on:2022-09-16 14:25:28

Anhui fishing net wholesale manufacturers share purchasing skills about fishing nets. There are many kinds of fishing net wholesale products. When we choose, how should we judge the quality and choose a good product?

One method is to reflect on the flatness, recovery and softness of the thread body through touch, and to observe the transparency of the thread body in brightness. If it doesn't meet the requirements, don't buy it. The diameter and tension of the wire can then be measured. If the wire diameter and pulling force are not larger than the regulations of the same model, the wire diameter does not exceed 10%, and the pulling force does not exceed 10%, the wire can still withstand, indicating that the quality is good. You can also touch it with your hands to see if there are hard injuries and scars on the surface. The other is to pull it to see if it is elastic and whether it is hardened with age.

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