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Anhui Fishing Net Manufacturers introduce what are the Classifications for fishing nets?

Article source:本站 popularity:4055 Published on:2022-09-21 11:40:47

Anhui fishing net manufacturers told us that there are many kinds of fishing net products, such as trawl nets, seine nets, casting nets, fixed nets, cages and so on.

Trawls and seines are heavy-duty nets for marine fisheries, with a size of 2.5-5cm and a diameter of about 2mm. The fishing net weighs several tons or even dozens of tons, and a pair of tugboats are generally used to pull the fishing group or a light boat to lure the fish group to surround it. Casting nets are light nets for fishing in rivers, lakes, and oceans. The size of the net is 1-3cm, and the diameter of the net is about 0.8mm. Custom nets and cages are fixed fishing nets for artificial breeding in lakes, reservoirs or bays.


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