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Fishing net application

Article source:This station popularity:4069 Published on:2022-11-15 14:04:17

Fishing net manufacturers introduce that using fishing nets is very convenient for management and monitoring, and the caught objects can be accurately controlled through the purpose size of the fishing net and the thickness of the strands.

Fish can swim through accurately set nets, but not through. When they want to back off, the gills of the fish hang onto the net, effectively catching them. In fact, the fishermen who started using gill nets used canoes and cedar fiber woven nets, weighted the bottom of the net with stones to allow it to sink, and tied wood to the top of the net to allow the net to hang vertically in the water. Secure the net between the two boats.

Now fishermen generally use iron boats and nylon composite wire nets, nylon monofilament nets, polyethylene nets, polyethylene rope woven nets, use lead to add weight to the bottom of the net, let it sink into the water, and tie plastic buoys on the top of the net to make the net hang vertically In water, the net is fixed between the anchors.

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