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Fishing nets wholesale: What kind of weaving ways can be used for fishing nets?

Article source:This station popularity:3917 Published on:2022-11-15 14:06:53

Fishing net wholesale: Fishing net manufacturers have different weaving methods for fishing nets according to unnecessary needs. Let's take a look at the types of fishing net weaving methods.

One method is knotting, the net is made of warp threads and weft threads in a shuttle, which is the traditional way of making a fishing net. The second method is the twisted wire method. The two sets of yarns are twisted simultaneously by the machine and interwoven into a web at the junction. This method is only suitable for weaving large nets. The third method is the warp knitting method, which has the advantages of smooth fishing nets, wear resistance, light weight, stable structure, and high knot strength. It can be used for special purposes such as sea fishing, freshwater fishing, and farming.

From this point, fishing nets produced by different weaving methods will have different characteristics and different application ranges.

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